The New Volkswagen ID.3 Now At Pulman

by Steph Carty 9 months ago

Volkswagen have introduced the new ID.3 which is now available to order and test drive from Pulman Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen ID.3 runs on zero emissions meaning you’ll be leaving a sustainable carbon footprint wherever you travel!

Electric Range & Charging

The question everyone likes to know, how many miles will I be able to travel in the ID.3 before I need to charge? Well there’s three battery sizes available on the ID.3 which offer the following:

·       Up to 205 miles* - 45 kWh small battery

·       Up to 260 miles* - 58 kWh medium battery

·       Up to 336 miles* - 77 kWh large battery

When you compare the miles with an average weekly commute, they all offer more than enough with a few extra trips each week too (maybe your food shopping).

If you’re travelling a longer distance for a family holiday or business trip, you’ll not need to worry about running out of electric miles. There are a number of rapid chargers based in service stations across the UK which means when you stop off for a coffee and food break, you can charge the ID.3 to 80% electric range in just 30 minutes.

Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition
Volkswagen ID.3 1st Edition

If you’re concerned about where your nearest charging points are (trust us there’ll be many close by), visit Zap-Map.

If you have a home wall box installed it will cost you around £3 to fully charge your ID.3. Compare that with how much you spend on filling your petrol/diesel tanks and there’ll be huge savings made across the year!

The ID.3 1st Edition

The ID.3 1st Edition is now available to order and test drive from Pulman. The 1st Edition offers an electric range of up to 260 miles in accordance with WLTP* as this trim is built with the medium-sized battery (58 kWh).

As standard with this trim you can expect Voice Control, Standard Navigation, LED Matrix Headlights and a contrast colour roof as well as countless colour designs on your dash and infotainment system (you’re in control of this in your display settings).

Volkswagen ID.3 Prices & Trims

In October 2020, Volkswagen released the full trim range and prices (after the Government Grant has been applied):

·       Life: £29,990

·       Business: £33,720

·       Style: £34,180

·       Family: £34,650

·       Tech: £36,190

·       Max: £38,220

·       Tour: £39,290

·       1st Edition: £35,880

Whichever ID.3 trim you choose you won’t be disappointed as they are all equipped with innovative technology which truly drives you into the electric future.

Volkswagen have released a new type of finance offering for their electric vehicles called Volkswagen Lease&Care^. Basically, all servicing and car costs are covered in one easy, simple monthly payment. There are three packages to choose from, find out more about how Volkswagen Lease&Care may help you.

To view full details of the specifications for each trim, visit the Pulman Volkswagen ID.3 Trims & Specification  page.

What is the ID. Range?

The ID. range is Volkswagen’s fully electric car range which already includes the ID.3 and the upcoming ID.4 SUV. Volkswagen have already released a number of concept models to join the ID. Range in the next few years.

New ID.3 from Pulman Volkswagen
New ID.3 from Pulman Volkswagen

If you’d like to book a test drive in the new Volkswagen ID.3, visit Pulman Volkswagen in Durham and Sunderland today. Your family-owned Volkswagen retailer in the North East.

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*Predicted range for going through cycles in accordance with the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) on chassis dynamometer (no series status). WLTP range values for standard vehicles may vary depending on equipment. In practice, the actual range varies depending on driving style, speed, use of convenience/auxiliary equipment, outside temperature, number of passengers/additional load, and topography. ^ No ownership option with Volkswagen Lease&Care. T&Cs apply. Volkswagen Financial Services.