New SKODA CITIGOe iV: Electric Range, Charging & Features On The New Electric City Car

by Steph Carty 2 years ago

The upcoming SKODA CITIGOe iV will be the first all-electric car manufactured by SKODA, driving into UK showrooms early 2020. Find out more about the electric range and new features in this article…

The original petrol CITIGO first appeared on the roads all the way back in 2012 and has been a huge success as a city car. Following on from the original, SKODA have produced the CITIGOe iV which is the first fully electric car from SKODA. SKODA’s plans are to branch out all of their upcoming electric vehicles into the sub brand named iV. Let’s take a look at the electric CITIGO in more detail.

What’s the range on the new electric CITIGO?

The electric range on the new CITIGOe iV is up to 170 miles based on WLTP range, according to SKODA. As the CITIGO is renowned as a city car, the electric range is more than enough for many drivers to drive to work during the week with a couple of trips to the shops thrown in too!

However, if you intend on driving the CITIGO for longer durations there are a few options to ensure you’re getting the most out of the electric range. If you’re driving longer miles every day, the best option would be to charge your CITIGO every evening whilst at home (if you’re able to do this) or at your place of work. Every day there are more and more charging points being installed across the UK to prepare for the electric vehicle future so there are many places to charge your CITIGO if you’re running low on range which offer fast and rapid charging options. Plus, there are many useful EV apps available to download which will inform you of close-by charging points such as Zap Map, WattsUp, Chargemap and PlugShare to name a few.

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The new SKODA CITIGOe iV on charge
The new SKODA CITIGOe iV on charge

The new CITIGOe iV also uses brake energy regeneration. This means when the brake is released the electric motor’s braking function slows down the car and simultaneously recuperates brake energy. Electricity from the regenerative braking is stored in the traction battery and is then used to drive forward the car.

Take a look at the charging options below for the two trims available; SE and SE L, which charge the battery to 80%.

·         Mode 2 (2.3 kW): battery is charged from an ordinary household outlet with an estimated charging time of 12 hours 43 minutes (standard on both SE and SE L)

·         Mode 3 (7.2 kW): battery charged from a wall box/public charging stations with an estimated charging time of 4 hours and 15 minutes (optional on SE and standard on SE L)

·         Mode 4 (40kW): battery charged at public rapid charging stations with an estimated charging time of 1 hour (option on SE and standard on SE L).

·         Combined Charging System (CCS): also a rapid charging method but via a socket again with charging time of around 1 hour (optional SE and standard on SE L).


What are the features on the new electric CITIGO?

The new zero emissions CITIGO may look small from the outside but it’s very spacious with room for up to four passengers and a generous boot space offering up to 250 litres; fold down the rear passenger seats and this increases to 923 litres! The electric city car also offers handy space saving options such as a foldable hook on the glove compartment so you can hang your bags, pockets in the side of the front seats, glove compartment with handy pen and glasses holder as well as a drinks holder in the middle.

The CITIGOe iV will be available in two trims, SE and SE L. Standard equipment on the SE trim includes LED Daytime Running Lights, Smartphone Holder for additional connectivity, Climate Control Air Conditioning, Lane Assist, DAB Digital Radio and much more! The SE L trim offers the specification from the SE trim with additions including 16” Scorpius black alloy wheels, Ambient Lighting, Combine Charging System (CCS), Rain and Light Sensors and more.

Always stay connected with the two apps from SKODA; Move&Fun and SKODA Connect. The Move&Fun app pairs your smartphone with the onboard computer and display so you control the radio, access your contacts and use the satellite navigation whilst driving safely. With the SKODA Connect app you can check your driving data from previous journeys and it gives you full control of your car including remote access. When the EV is plugged in you can charge from your smartphone in the home and can also set the air conditioning; on the cooler winter days you can remotely defrost your windscreen before you get in.

Additional packs can be added to both trims including comfort and convenience packs (on the SE) and winter packs (on the SE L).

The pricing of the CITIGOe iV has been revealed by SKODA and will start from £16,955 plus the government’s plug-in car grant of £3,500 and is more than likely to arrive in UK showrooms in early 2020. Will you be taking a test drive in the new all-electric city car?