New SEAT Mii Electric: Electric Range, Charging & Features

by Steph Carty 2 years ago

The new SEAT Mii Electric is the first 100% electric car from SEAT offering up to 161 mile electric range. Find out more about the electric range, charging and the features below…

SEAT revealed their first fully electric car, the Mii Electric, and it’s now available to order from retailers with customer deliveries expected in early 2020. The new SEAT Mii Electric puts the fun back into driving; although it may look small from the outside, step inside and there’s plenty of space along with new updated features. But first let’s look at the electric power and charging of the new electric Mii…

How far can a SEAT Mii Electric travel?

The Mii Electric can travel up to 161 miles (based on WLTP) when combined with city and motorway driving and up to 223 miles with 100% city driving (WLTP), reaching speeds from 0-31mph in just 3.9 seconds.

How long does it take to charge the Mii Electric?

Depending on the charging point you use it can take anywhere between 1 hour to 16 hours to charge the electric battery to around 80%, these times are highlighted below:

  • Mains charging (2.3kW power AC): charging through a domestic three-pin home plug will take around 16 hours.
  • Home wallbox & public charging (7.2kW power AC): if you have a home wallbox installed, can charge whilst at work or access to public charging points this can take around 4 hours.
  • Rapid charging (7.2kW AC / 40kW DC): also known as Combined Charge System (CCS), your Mii Electric can be charged in just 1 hour.

(AC – Alternating Current and DC - Direct Current)

Currently, there are misconceptions with electric cars and them running out of electric charge, with drivers not knowing where their nearest charging point is. This is a concern mainly with petrol and diesel drivers, when in fact there needn’t be any worries, as there are currently more electric car charging points in the UK than fuel stations. There are many apps which inform drivers where their closest electric charging point is, one of the more well-known apps there is Zap Map.

How much does it cost to charge the SEAT Mii Electric?

The cost to fully charge the Mii Electric is around £5.29 with a running cost of around 3.3pence per mile. The cost of charging the electric Mii in comparison to the previous petrol Mii models is a lot more cost effective. On average it would cost around £40 to fill a petrol/diesel, compare this with an electric Mii to achieve the same amount of mile range, it would cost around £16, in the long-run this would save you a lot of money.

So, what are the new features on the SEAT Mii Electric?

If you’re looking for a car with boot space the Mii Electric offers 251 litres, and with the rear seats folded down up to 923 litres! New features include heated front seats, an updated chrome effect dashboard with 5” colour touchscreen, DAB Digital Radio, Cruise Control, Rear Parking Sensors, Lane Assist and much more!

The new SEAT Mii Electric is the first car from SEAT to feature SEAT Connect. SEAT Connect allows remote access and management of the vehicle which includes driving data information, parking position, vehicle status and more.

The new SEAT Mii Electric is currently only available to order and is available in a range of colours including Candy White, Deep Black, Tornado Red, Costa Blue and Tungsten Silver. The electric Mii recommended ‘On The Road’ with the PICG (Plug-In Car Grant) is £19,300.

Want to order your new SEAT Mii Electric from the North East of England? Visit Pulman SEAT in Sunderland today to find out about the offers available.